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Contractors on DEC

DEC Certified Companies

  1. Hy-Tech Drilling Ready for Recertification
  2. Rodren Drilling LtdDEC Certified
  3. Full Force Diamond Drilling Ltd. DEC Certified
  4. Driftwood Diamond Drilling Ready for Recertification
  5. Team Drilling Ready for Recertification

The following drilling contractors are already on a member waiting list to Get on DEC:

  1. Boart Longyear Canada Application Stage
  2. Foraco Can. Ltd. Pre-audit Completed
  3. Geotech Drilling Services Ltd.
  4. Major Drilling Group International Inc. Application Stage
  5. Norex Drilling Limited
  6. Beaupre Diamond Drilling Ltd.
  7. Swick Mining Services Canada Inc. Application Stage
  8. Cyr Drilling Application Stage
  9. Titan Diamond Drilling
  10. Forage M Rouiller
  11. Bryson Drilling Ready for Audit
  12. Atlas Drilling
  13. Apex Diamond Drilling Ltd.
  14. F.B. Drilling
  15. Forage Chibougamau Application Stage
  16. Paycore Diamond Drilling Application Stage
  17. Omineca Diamond Drilling Ltd. Application Stage
  18. Black Hawk Drilling Pre-Audit Completed
  19. Aggressive Drilling Ltd. Application Stage

 Led by the drilling contractors the other stakeholders in the diamond drilling industry are committing to the importance of the standards associated with DEC. Mining and exploration clients, industry suppliers, associations and governments at all levels welcome the CDDA's leadership, agreeing that Standards Make $en$e.


First Company to be certified with DEC- Hy Tech Drilling

Companies presented with DEC certification at Annual A.G.M and Convention

Dorado Drilling and Rodren Drilling were presented with their DEC certification at the annual A.G.M meeting.  Brittany from Dorado and Rod from Rodren were presented their certificates by President George Demers. Click on Links to view pictures.

Dorado Drilling Presentation

Rodren Drilling Presentation

President George Demers, Brittany and Rod